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Spirit of Blue Combat Application Tourniquet

Oceanside Fire Firefighter and SWAT Medic Bryan Howell has put together an Awesome fundraiser in which Spirit of Blue has joined and will match up to $7,500 dollars earned for the issuance to Every OPD Officer a Combat Application Tourniquet & Holster!!

If we exceed our goal, then we may be able to also procure an Individual Officer Gunshot Trauma kit for the new outer vests for Patrol.

Here is the Link: http://gf.me/u/trffwq

Please help us get the word out there so we can help Bryan in raising these funds to outfit us for when the worst happens. These Items have been proven to work and reduce casualties.

Some of the data is: -67% reduction in simple extremity wound deaths (bleeding out from a single point of injury to arm or leg) -In the military, over 1000 lives were saved in 2008 from simple tourniquet use (many more since) -Lowest incidence of preventable deaths ever recorded in American history from single point extremity bleeding -On the civilian side, bleeding out from an extremity within the first hour after injury occurred 60% of the time in 2005/06. In 2012/13 that is down to 37%. -The Combat Application Tourniquet (the one being purchased by this campaign) has an almost 100% success rate when applied correctly